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If you are looking for a local moot, open ritual, information on paganism or pagan events, simply select from the options above. If you are interested in learning more about the pagan path then feel free to come along to any of our public activities, browse the sections of this website or contact us via email or facebook with your questions & queries.

Spirit of Iceni Pagan Camp, is the annual camp organised by Kings Lynn Pagan Moot.

The moot meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month, 11am, at the Globe Hotel towards the back near the access to the smoking area.

Our monthly moot and all the Kings Lynn Pagan Moots activities are in association with the Pagan Federation, of which the Kings Lynn Pagan Moot organisers are officers. By association means that we (the organisers) agree with the ideals of the Pagan Federation, and help to achieve its goals. All our events, moots and rituals are open to the public and are not exclusive to Pagan Federation members. If you are interested in the Pagan Federation or the work it does, or would like to join please see Simon (Sea Oak) at one of the moots, email or visit the Pagan Federation website for further information.

The moot is not affiliated to any controlling or associated body other than the statement above about the Pagan Federation. We invite walkers of all pagan paths, regardless of what (if any) larger bodies, groups, orders, associations or organisations they may belong to.

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